9.2. Transfer case

Replacement of oil in the transfer case

Replacement of oil has to be made after warming up of transmission up to the normal working temperature.

Location drain (1) and jellied (2) stoppers of the transfer case


  1. Hang out the car on the elevator strictly horizontally.
  2. Carefully wipe a surface of a case of the transfer case around drain (1) and jellied (2) stoppers.
  3. Turn out both stoppers and wait for a full effluence of oil from a case.
  4. Wipe, screw on the place and tighten a drain stopper with the required effort.
  5. Fill in in the transfer case the required amount of oil of the corresponding grade (see Specifications).
  6. Before a vvorachivaniye carefully wipe a stopper of a jellied opening. Also you make tightening of a stopper with the required effort.