8.10. Washing of a cooler of ATF and oil pipelines

Set for washing of a cooler of ATF

1 — the Connecting union
2 — the Pump
3 — the Tank
4 — Connecting branch pipes

And — the Direction of connection at ATF pumping out
In — the Direction of connection when washing a cooler

Scheme of connection of a cooler of ATF

5 — the Giving oil pipeline
6 — the Returnable oil pipeline

7 — AT case Pallet


  1. Merge transmission liquid (see the Head the Current leaving and service).
  2. Connect the pump (2) to the tank (3) with the pressure head union.
  3. Fill the tank (3) with kerosene.
  4. Connect a plastic tube to a branch pipe (1) and screw the suitable union (4) on one of two oil pipelines., - in case of need fix a tube on the union by a collar.
  5. Connect other plastic tube to the second oil pipeline.
  6. Creating a pressure the pump (2), wash out a path kerosene, then carefully blow it compressed air.