3.27. Check and replacement of spark plugs, check of a condition of high-voltage wires (petrol models)

Address also to materials of appropriate section of the Head Sistema of electric equipment of the engine.

Replace spark plugs only on cold or slightly warm engine. The reversing of candles on the hot engine is accompanied by risk of damage of a carving to a light-alloy head (ah) of cylinders.

Replacement of spark plugs, depending on type, has to be made through each 96 000 km or 160 000 km of a run. Before work prepare all necessary tools (some producers of spark plugs deliver special tools for measurement of a candle gap):

Details of installation of spark plugs on petrol engines


  1. Adjustment of interelectrode gaps on candles should be made just before their vvorachivaniye.

Track that the acquired candles corresponded to car engine type!

  1. Wait for full cooling of the engine, - use free time for check of a condition of candles and measurement of their interelectrode gaps.

On new candles interelectrode gaps are usually already exposed correctly at manufacturer.

  1. Check of candle gaps is made by introduction to space between electrodes of a candle of the probe of the special wire measuring instrument corresponding on thickness, - the probe has to concern each of electrodes only slightly. In case of need turn in appropriately curved part of an electrode by means of the regulator equipped with notches.

At adjustment of a gap of a candle turn in only the weight electrode basis, without touching its end. If the electrode of weight is displaced rather central electrode, modify its situation with the help of the same regulator.

Do not try to correct the provision of the central electrode at all!

  1. Remove the top section of the air cleaner (see the Head of the Power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases).
  2. Disconnect an electrical wiring from the VV spark plugs.
  3. Remove coils of ignition (T1/4) (see the Head Sistemy of electric equipment of the engine) and turn out spark plugs (R4).
  4. Estimate the candles which are turned out from the engine according to the card of states (see a photographic insert in the Head Sistemy of electric equipment of the engine). According to the analysis of appearance of the fulfilled candles it is possible to estimate the general condition of the engine.
  5. Estimate a condition of porcelain insulators of candles, - at identification of cracks the candle is subject to replacement.
  6. At identification of signs of damage of a carving the candle is also subject to replacement.

The special tool for check of a condition of a carving part of spark plugs which is usually included in the package of remnabor is issued (for example BERU).

  1. By means of a special drill the damaged carving opening can be passed in a head of cylinders which for this purpose does not need dismantle). After that in a head special is established.
  2. Before a candle vvorachivaniye slightly grease its carving part with the cupriferous anti-taking structure. Fingers acquire a candle, having put it in a reception opening in a niche, then tighten by means of the candle key which is whenever possible equipped with the dynamometer measuring instrument (see Specifications).

In order to avoid a candle distortion at a vvorachivaniye pull a small piece of a fuel hose which will carry out a role of the universal hinge on its shaft, and in case of a distortion it will easily be scrolled on a candle, preventing thereby a possibility of damage of a carving.

  1. Establish to the place of the coil of ignition (T1/4) (see the Head Sistemy of electric equipment of the engine).
  2. Before connection to a candle of a high-voltage (VV) wire (model with separate coils) carefully check the last for existence of damages, signs of development of corrosion of internal contact. Measure the resistive resistance of a wire, - if the result of measurement exceeds value 30 kOhm/meter, replace all wires in a set.
  3. Rotary progress densely put a wire tip on screwed in a head of cylinders I shine.
  4. Working in a similar manner, connect an electrical wiring to the remained candles, - try not to mix an order lit aniye.