3.2. Active system of the warning of the term of approach planned THAT (ASSYST)

Idle time of the car with the ASSYST system which is disconnected by the rechargeable battery when calculating term of performance next planned THAT the ASSYST system is not considered and has to be taken into account at a conclusion of precautionary messages.

The indicator of term of approach planned THAT informs the owner of the vehicle on the OPTIMUM term of carrying out maintenance and its indication are not connected with the level of motive oil in any way.

Example of information output about terms of approach planned THAT (according to the list A)

Approximately a month before approach of the next control term at inclusion of ignition the ASSYST system provides an automatic conclusion to the screen multipurpose one of the following possible messages:

About 30 seconds later the message has to disappear from the screen automatically. In case of need indication can be turned off forcibly by pressing the button of dumping of indications at the left on a combination of devices (see the illustration Scheme of an Arrangement of Components of Management on the dashboard and a steering column).

In case the procedure of planned was expired, the display is displayed the prevention of "SERVICE A/B EXCEEDED BY xx DAYS" (PERFORMANCE of AMOUNT OF WORKS ON А/В is DELAYED ON xx DAYS) or "SERVICE A/B EXCEEDED BY xx KM" (the MAXIMUM ADMISSIBLE RUN BEFORE PERFORMANCE of AMOUNT OF WORKS ON THAT А/В is EXCEEDED ON xx KM) which is in addition followed by an alarm buzzer.

When performing routine maintenance on company HUNDRED Mercedes-Benzs dumping of indications of the ASSYST system are carried out by specialists of the station. In case of need (if service was made on the terms of company HUNDRED) dumping can be made by the owner of the car independently. Include ignition, - on the screen of the multipurpose display the basic page has to be highlighted (see the Section Combination of Devices, measuring instruments, control lamps and light indicators). Hold the button or the corresponding control panel on a steering wheel until on the screen the symbol or with the indication of term of passing next THAT according to the corresponding list is not highlighted. Then press the button of dumping of indications at the left on a combination of devices (see the illustration Scheme of an Arrangement of Components of Management on the dashboard and a steering column) and hold it pressed within about 2 seconds until on the screen the message "is highlighted by DO YOU WANT TO RESET SERVICE INTERVAL?" (You WISH to MAKE DUMPING of INDICATION of TERM NEXT THAT?) and "CONFIRM BY USING RESET BUTTON" (CONFIRM with PRESSING of the BUTTON of DUMPING of INDICATIONS), - for dumping implementation once again press the button at the left on a combination of devices. The term of performance next THAT has to be transferred to the following control mark.

If dumping of indication of the ASSYST system was made incidentally, for restoration of basic data it is necessary to address experts branded HUNDRED Mercedes-Benzs.

ASSYST indication call in case of need can be made forcibly through the corresponding function of the on-board computer (see the operation manual on the car, - ask in shops of automobile literature).

The schedule of the routine maintenance (RM) of the car according to lists A and B is presented in the Section Schedule of Routine Maintenance.

The size of the run remaining before performance next THAT is defined by a manner of driving and lies ranging from 15 000 to 22 500 km (365 ÷ 730 days). An economic manner of driving at average turns of the engine and refusal of trips on short distances promote its increase.