2.2. First 1500 km

The more carefully you will treat the engine at the beginning of its operation, the more you will be satisfied with its work subsequently.

Therefore the first 1500 km you should move with a variable speed of the movement and at the variable speed of the engine.

Avoid during this period of big loading (the movement with completely open butterfly valve), try not to exceed values in 2/3 from limit admissible turns of the engine at the movement on the chosen transfer (red range of a scale of a tachometer).

Whenever possible, try to avoid squeezing of the accelerator pedal with overcoming a point of resistance (activation of the kickdown mode).

You do not make manual switching to lower transfer for the purpose of braking by the engine. Install the AT selector lever in provisions of restriction of ranges of switching only at the movement with low speeds, for example, in the mountain area.

After the first 1500 km of a run it is possible to increase the speed of the movement and pace of the engine gradually to extreme values.

In addition for AMG complete set cars: try not to move the first 1500 km with speeds over 140 km/h and not to lift the frequency of rotation of the engine over 4500 rpm.