13.4. Driving electric motors, sensors

Removal and installation of electric motors of the drive of screen wipers

Forward screen wipers

Details of installation of an electric motor of the drive of screenwashes

1 — the Assembly bracket
2 — the Tank
3 — the Cover of a driving electric motor
4 — the Refrigerator line
5 — Draft of the drive of screen wipers
6 — the Driving crank
M6/1 — the Driving electric motor
S62 — the ATA system cowl Sensor switch

Y68 — the Longitudinal balance weight Ý/m the valve of blocking of differential
Y68/1 — Em the valve of blocking of back differential
Y68/2 — Em the valve of blocking of forward differential
Shooters — Reference points


  1. Take a key from the lock of ignition and disconnect a negative wire from the battery.
  2. Remove from support and lower electromagnetic valves of blocking of differentials (Y68, Y68/1 and Y68/2) down, - try not to damage vacuum lines.

Before a detachment of an electrical wiring and vacuum lines do not forget to put the corresponding marking guaranteeing correctness of their connection at assembly.

  1. Remove the tank (2) from an assembly bracket (1) and, without overturning, lower it down, - try not to spill brake fluid.
  2. Disconnect an electrical wiring from the sensor switch (S62) of a cowl of anticreeping system (ATA).
  3. Turn out screws (shooters) of fastening of a clamp of ventilating lines on an assembly bracket. Get ventilating lines under refrigerator (4) and, having lowered, take them aside. Remove an assembly bracket (1).
  4. Uncover (3) electric motors (M6/1) of the drive of screen wipers.
  5. Disconnect an electrical wiring, turn out fixture (shooters) and remove an electric motor (M6/1) from support (arrow).
  6. Having given an electric motor (M6/1) forward, working through a window in a partition, hook and separate driving draft (5) from a crank (6), - try not to bend draft.
  7. Finally remove an electric motor (M6/1).
  8. Installation is made upside-down.
  9. In conclusion make reading of the DTC codes and cleaning of memory of system of onboard self-diagnostics by means of the STAR DIAGNOSIS scanner (6511 1801 00) (see the Head Sistemy of electric equipment of the engine) and perform procedures of basic programming.

Back screen wiper

Details of installation of an electric motor of the drive of a cleaner of back glass

1 — the Cover
2 — the Nut
3 — the Bolt

M6/4 — the Driving electric motor
M6/4x1 — the electrical wiring Socket


  1. Dismantle a back screen wiper (see the Head Kuzov).
  2. Uncover (1).
  3. Having released clamps and, without inclining, remove the central section of the top panel of finishing of a door of a back.
  4. Disunite the socket (M6/4x1) of an electrical wiring of the driving motor (M6/4).
  5. Turn out fixing bolts (3) and remove an electric motor (M6/4).
  6. Installation is made upside-down.