10.4. Removal and installation of the tank of brake fluid and main brake cylinder (MBC)


Details of installation of the tank of brake fluid

1 — the Cover
2 — the electrical wiring Socket

3 — the Fixing screw
And — the Tank

Removal of the tank of brake fluid (A)

Extraction of landing plugs (V) of the tank


  1. Open a cowl and record it in vertical position.
  2. Turn off a carving cover (1).
  3. Take the mesh filter through a mouth of the tank (A).
  4. Pump out brake fluid from the tank (A).
  5. Disunite the socket (2) electrical wirings of the sensor of level of brake fluid.
  6. Turn out the fixing screw (3) and separate the tank (A) from GTTs, - try not to allow hits of brake fluid on the painted body panels.
  7. Release from the nests in the GTTs case landing plugs (V) of the tank (A), - prepare replaceable plugs.
  8. Installation is made upside-down, - before installation NEW landing plugs should be moistened with brake fluid.
  9. In conclusion add necessary amount of hydraulic liquid of the required grade in the tank.


GTTs installation details

1 — GTTS
2,3 — Brake lines
9 — Landing plugs of the tank
10 — the GTTs Tank

16 — the Brake amplifier
17 — the Sealing ring
19 — Nuts


  1. Remove the tank of brake fluid (10) (see above).
  2. Disconnect brake lines (2 and 3) from GTTs (1).
  3. Give fixing nuts (19) and remove GTTs (1) from the block of the brake amplifier (16), - do not incline the cylinder in order to avoid injury of fixing uvulas as a result of violation of centering of landing of a persistent rod. Prepare replaceable nuts (19) and a sealing ring (17).

GTTs is not subject to recovery repair and in case of failure has to be replaced!

  1. In conclusion pump over the brake system (see the Section Pumping of the Brake System) and check its hydraulic path for existence of signs of development of leaks.