10:21. Pumping of the brake system

General information

Pumping of the brake system by means of the special device

1, 2 — Supports of back brake mechanisms

3, 4 — Supports of forward brake mechanisms

After carrying out repair of the brake system during which opening of its hydraulic path in the last was made air which then has to be completely removed can get. A sign of presence at working contours of the brake system of air is softness of the course of a brake pedal.

If air gets to system as a result of violation of its tightness, the cause of defect should be removed previously.

At hit of air in separately taken wheel cylinder it is enough to carry out pumping only of the corresponding support. At hit of air to the highway of system as a result of excessive lowering of level of liquid in the GTTs tank, as well as after removal/installation of the last all system is pumped over. Told treats as well a case of performing procedures of service, demanding dismantle of the hydromodulator.

Removal of air from a hydraulic path of the brake system is made by means of the special device which connection has to be made in strict accordance with instructions of manufacturers, - implementation of the procedure should be charged to specialists of car service.

Pressure of pumping makes 2 atm.