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10:17. Repair of a support of the fixed type

Design of a support of the fixed type (brake mechanisms of forward wheels)

45 — Boots
47 — Pistons
50 — Cuffs
020 — Nippers for rotation of pistons

026 — Nippers
027 — Plates
040 — the Metal segment


  1. Remove a support (see the Section Removal and installation of supports of brake mechanisms).
  2. By means of nippers (026) and a suitable plate (027) unbend boots (45).
  3. Fill a metal segment (040) in a support, then, having given compressed air, wring out pistons (47) against the stop in cylinders.

As a segment the fragment of a brake disk can be used.

  1. By means of special nippers (020) take pistons from cylinders.
  2. Visually estimate a condition of working surfaces of pistons and cylinders. In case of need replace a support.
  3. Take from flutes in cylinders of a cuff (50).
  4. Installation is made upside-down, - before landing grease NEW cuffs (50) with fresh brake fluid.