9.3.4. Adjustment of wheel bearings of a forward axis

Check and adjustment of a side play of the wheel bearing of a forward axis

1 — Brake shoes

2 — the Protective cover


  1. Car front also establish to Poddomkratta it on props. Remove the corresponding forward wheel.
  2. Wring out brake shoes (1) from a disk.
  3. By means of the dial measuring instrument of plunger type measure the size of a side play of the wheel bearing. Compare result of measurement to requirements of Specifications.
  4. Remove a protective cap (2) of stupichny assembly and unblock an external pro-carved nut.
  5. Приболтив to a nave a lock key (717 589 00 31 00), turn off an external nut.
  6. Remove a lock plate.
  7. Weaken an internal pro-carved nut, then tighten it with initial effort in 200 Nanometers.

In the course of tightening of a nut a nave it is necessary to turn a minimum three times, at the same time tapping on it with the hammer with soft brisk (for shrinkage of rollers of the bearing).

  1. Once again weaken an internal nut and again tighten it, having completely chosen a side play of landing of a clamping plate.
  2. Again weaken a nut approximately on 1/8 turns, having provided a side play about 0.1 mm, then put into place a lock plate.
  3. Previously having greased, tighten an external nut, - the nut has to be developed by grooves to a lock plate.
  4. Measure the size of a side play of the wheel bearing, then tighten an external pro-carved nut with the required effort and, previously having filled lubricant, put into place a protective cap (2).
  5. Several times squeeze out a pedal of a foot brake for the purpose of shrinkage of blocks, then establish a wheel.