9.3.3. Stuffing check by lubricant of hinged casings of rotary assemblies of the forward bridge

Hinged casings of rotary knots of the forward bridge are equipped with carving traffic jams (1)


  1. For check of a hinged casing of the right power shaft of a wheel it is necessary to develop against the stop to the left and vice versa.
  2. Turn out from the checked casing a carving stopper (1).
  3. Lubricant level in a casing has to reach the lower cut of a control opening. In case of need make the corresponding adjustment, having finished in a casing the corresponding amount of lubricant of the required grade by means of the lubricant gun with a flexible nozzle which end should be filled in a control opening.
  4. Do not forget to screw and tighten with the required effort a stopper (1).