9.3.17. Dismantling and assembly of a half shaft

Design of a half shaft of the back bridge

1 — the Half shaft
2 — a bearing Cover
3 — the Epiploon
4 — Laying
5 — the Brake board
6 — the Conical roller bearing

7 — the Sealing ring of rectangular section
8 — the Lock plate
9.1 — A pro-carved nut with right-hand cutting
9.2 — A pro-carved nut with left-side cutting

Direction of rotation of a half shaft (arrow)

Blocking of pro-carved nuts on the example of the left half shaft


  1. Remove a half shaft (see the Section Removal and installation of half shafts).
  2. Screw couple of wheel bolts in a stupichny flange of a half shaft (1) and clamp them in a vice.
  3. Unblock and turn off pro-carved nuts (9).
  4. Remove a lock plate (8).
  5. By means of special mandrels and a press dismantle the conical roller bearing (6) from a half shaft (1), - try not to damage a rotor of the wheel ABS sensor.
  6. Remove laying (4), a cover (2) with an epiploon (3) and a brake board (5).
  7. Take an epiploon (3) from a cover (2) and put new on its place, having slightly greased its sealing sponges, - track that the size of deepening of an epiploon in a landing nest of a cover made no more than 0.3 mm.
  8. Put a cover (2) on a half shaft (1), then establish a brake board (5), having filled lubricant space between a board and sponges of an epiploon (3).
  9. Put the bearing (6) on a half shaft (1), having drawn in it the NEW lock plate (8).

The lock plate (8) is established by the flat party to a pro-carved nut and has to rest only against an internal holder of the bearing! The antirotational lock of a lock ring has to be combined with the pierced half shaft section in order to avoid damage of the last. Track that in the course of a zapressovyvaniye the external holder of the bearing was turned!

  1. Establish a pro-carved nut (9).
  2. Block both grooves of a pro-carved nut (9) a lock plate (8), - the nut should not be released at rotation of a half shaft in any direction.
  3. Put a sealing ring of rectangular section (7) on the bearing (6).
  4. Establish into place a half shaft (see the Section Removal and installation of half shafts).