9.3.16. Removal and installation of half shafts

Details of installation of a back half shaft

1 — the ABS Sensor
2 — Fixing screws
3 — a bearing Cover

4 — the Half shaft
5 — the Sleeve of a case of the back bridge


  1. Take off boots of the parking brake (see the Head Tormoznaya and auxiliary systems).
  2. Remove the wheel ABS (1) sensor from a cover of the bearing (3).
  3. Turn out bolts (2) fastenings of a cover (3) to a sleeve of a case of the back bridge (5).
  4. At removal of the left half shaft dismantle the executive cylinder of the drive of blocking of differential (see the Section Removal, installation and adjustment of executive cylinders and components of the mechanism of the drive of blocking of interwheel differentials).
  5. Take a half shaft (4), - try not to damage a rotor of the wheel sensor.
  6. Examine the removed half shaft on existence of signs of damages, in case of need prepare I will close.
  7. Installation is made upside-down, - track that before installation of a half shaft the sealing ring was installed on a basic drive.