9.3.14. Dismantling and assembly of a hinged casing of the forward bridge

Details of installation of a hinged casing (1 of 2)

1 — the Hinged casing
2, 5 — External holders
3, 6 — Conical roller bearings

4 — the Epiploon
7 — the Sealing ring

Details of installation of a hinged casing (2 of 2)

8 — the Cover
9 — the External holder
10 — the Conical roller bearing

11 — the Ring


  1. Remove a hinged casing (1) assembled with a power shaft and take the last (see the Section Removal and installation of power shafts of the forward bridge).
  2. Remove a wheel nave (see the Section Removal and installation of naves of forward wheels).
  3. Remove a sealing ring (7).
  4. Remove an external holder (2).
  5. Remove the conical roller bearing (3) and an epiploon (4).
  6. Carefully wipe the removed components, in case of need prepare replacement.
  7. Establish a face cover (8) and an external holder (9).
  8. Establish an external holder (5).
  9. Grease the bearing (3) and put it on the regular place in a casing (1).
  10. Establish an epiploon (4), previously having greased it on perimeter with sealant.

Epiploons in the rubberized edge on sealant do not need installation.

  1. Establish an external holder (2).
  2. Having greased with sealant, establish a sealing ring (7), having put him in a nest aflush (0.3 mm are not deeper).
  3. Further installation is made as it should be, the return to an order of dismantle of components.