9.2.5. Removal and installation of the servomotor of the transfer case

Details of installation of the executive motor of the transfer case

1 — the Socket
2, 3 — Bolts
4 — the grounding Tire

5 — the Transfer case
M46/2 — the Executive motor


  1. Disconnect from assembly of the executive motor (M46/2) an electrical wiring (1).
  2. turn out bolts (2 and 3) and take the servomotor (M46/2) from the transfer case (5).
  3. Installation is made upside-down, - track that the tire of grounding (4) was not tense, and fixing bolts (2 and 3) - are tightened with the required effort.
  4. In conclusion execute initialization of the servomotor by means of the reader STAR DIGNOSIS, - ask for the help experts branded HUNDRED Mercedes-Benzs.