9.2.17. Removal and installation of interaxal differential

Details of installation of interaxal differential

1 — the Conical roller bearing
2 — Differential
3 — the Adjusting ring
4 — the Output flange of a cover of the bearing

5 — the Top back cover
6 — the Cover of an intermediate flange
7 — the Intermediate flange
8 — the Case of the transfer case


  1. Remove an intermediate flange (7) (see the Section Removal and installation of an intermediate flange).
  2. Take from a case of the transfer case assembly of interaxal differential (2).
  3. Installation is made upside-down, - do not forget to modify an axial side play of shaft by selection of adjusting washers.
  4. In conclusion do not forget to make initialization of the servomotor by means of the reader STAR DIGNOSIS, - ask for the help experts branded HUNDRED Mercedes-Benzs.