7.2.3. Removal and installation of candles of an incandescence

Details of installation of candles of an incandescence of the diesel engine


  1. Start the engine and warm up it up to the normal working temperature (about 80 °C).

The reversing of candles has to be made only after full warming up of a head of cylinders!

  1. Kill the engine.
  2. Disconnect the returnable fuel-supply line going to TNVD from the fuel distributive highway.
  3. Disconnect an electrical wiring (3) (see the Section Check of Candles of an Incandescence) and by means of special adaptation (HAZET 4760-1) turn out candles (R9).
  4. Installation is made upside-down, - do not forget to clean previously candle niches a special perlonovy brush with a diameter of 10 or 6 mm.
  5. In conclusion start the engine and check a power supply system for existence of signs of development of leaks.