6.4.7. Removal and installation of a coal adsorber (EVAP)

Petrol models

Details of installation of a coal adsorber of the EVAP system (petrol models)

1 — the Coal adsorber
2 — Loker of protection of a wheel arch
And — the Compensation opening

In — the Line to the compensation valve
With — the Line to the regeneration valve

Scheme of connection of a coal adsorber

1 — the fuel Distributor
2 — the Inlet pipeline
3 — the Fuel tank
4 — the Fuel filter
5 — the Coal adsorber
6 — the Compensation valve
7 — the Compensation line
8 — the Ventilating line
M16/6 — the Activator of the drive of a butterfly valve
M3 — the Fuel pump

Y58/1 — the adsorber purge Valve
And — the Line: an adsorber —› the purge valve
In — the Line: the purge valve —› the inlet pipeline
With — the Line: the compensation valve —› an adsorber
D — the Line: the fuel tank —› the compensation valve
Е — the Line: the fuel filter —› decontamination of a tank
F — the Line: Line of return of fuel


  1. Remove a loker (2) protection of an arch of the right back wheel (see the Head Kuzov).
  2. Having shifted in the direction specified illustrations by an arrow, remove an adsorber (1).
  3. Disconnect from an adsorber (1) of the line (And, In and C).
  4. Installation is made upside-down.