6.3.13. Removal and installation of valvate assembly

For models 463.333 (M628)

Самоконтрящийся fixture is subject to replacement without fail!

Details of installation of valvate (M628)

1, 2, 3 — Pressure head lines of a fuel path
4 — the Hollow bolt of nipple connection
4a — the Nipple socket
4b — Sealing rings
5 — the Screw

6 — the Line of return of fuel
70 — the Fuel filter
21/7 — Valvate assembly
B4/6 — pressure Sensor in the fuel highway
Y74 — pressure Valve regulator


  1. Switch off ignition.
  2. Open a cowl and record it in vertical position.
  3. Remove the air cleaner (see the Section Service of Components of an Inlet Air Path).
  4. Remove the panel of finishing of an oil-filling mouth.
  5. Remove the fuel filter (70).
  6. Disconnect an electrical wiring from pressure sensor in the fuel highway (B4/6) and the valve regulator of pressure (Y74).
  7. Disconnect pressure head fuel lines (1, 2 and 3), - at once to a zakuporta the open ends of lines/unions, collect traces of the spilled fuel, prepare replaceable sealing elements.
  8. Turn out a hollow bolt (4) and remove the nipple socket (5).

Sealing rings (4b) are subject to replacement without fail!

  1. Turn out fixing bolts (5) and remove valvate assembly (21/7) assembled with the returnable line (6) brought to it.
  2. Disconnect the returnable line (6) from valvate assembly (21/7), - prepare a replaceable sealing ring.
  3. Installation is made upside-down, - do not forget to replace sealing elements.

Final tightening of nipple nuts of pressure head fuel lines (1, 2 and 3) has to be made only after tightening of bolts (5).

  1. Start the engine and check power supply system components for existence of signs of development of leaks. In conclusion make cleaning of memory of the module of onboard self-diagnostics (see the Head Sistemy of electric equipment of the engine).