6.2.2. Dropping pressure in fuel system of the petrol engine

Before getting to work, get acquainted with the precautionary measures given in the Section General information and security measures.

After implementation of the procedure described below you only remove excessive pressure from fuel system. In pipelines there will be a gasoline. Before disconnecting any fuel hose, take all necessary precautionary measures!

Location of the service valve (1/1) of dumping of pressure on the fuel highway of petrol engines

1/1 — the Service valve
1/4 — the Screw
2/1 — a resonator Casing
17 — the Fuel highway

17/1 — Bolts
17/2 — the Line of supply of fuel
Y62 — Injectors

The main components of fuel systems of petrol engines are the fuel tank located in it the fuel pump with the fuel reserve sensor, the fuel filter, injectors, the regulator of pressure and a set of connecting lines.

At the working engine fuel in a path of a power supply system is under pressure which continues to remain during even rather long time after switching off of ignition. Before a detachment of any of system components pressure in a step has to be dumped.

The simplest way of dumping of pressure in a power supply system is start of the engine at the taken safety lock of the fuel pump, - wait for a spontaneous stop of the engine, then, for a guarantee of completeness of dumping of pressure, turn it several times a starter. If it is not possible to start the engine, turn it a starter within several seconds. Having finished the procedure, switch off ignition and return into place the removed safety lock.

At car repair shops pressure in a power supply system is dumped via the service valve located on the fuel distributive highway and working by the principle of the simple nipple. Wrap up the valve rags, remove a cap and press the nipple, - do not forget to return at the end of the procedure a cap into place.

Remember that after dropping pressure/removal of fuel on start of the engine leaves a power supply system a little bigger, than usually, time, - it is necessary to turn within several seconds a bent shaft a starter until pressure in system is restored, and fuel will fill all fuel pipes.