5.2.7. Removal and installation of back ventilating guards

Except models with special protection (code 979)

Details of installation of back ventilating guards


  1. Remove a protective overlay (1) of the panel (2) finishings of a back rack.
  2. Remove the finishing panel (2).
  3. At the corresponding complete set disconnect an electrical wiring of an alarm buzzer of the movement by a backing (BA) (only for the right ventilating guard).
  4. Remove the back side panel of finishing (see the Head Kuzov).
  5. Release a collar (3) and disconnect a hose (4).
  6. Remove a spring clamp (5) and a ventilating casing (6).
  7. Uncover (7), a sealing element (8) and a molding (9).
  8. Installation is made upside-down.