5.2.18. Removal and installation of a receiver dehumidifier

All sealing elements are subject to replacement without fail!

Details of installation of a receiver dehumidifier To/in

1 — the Receiver dehumidifier
2 — the Service valve of the line of a high pressure

3 — the Fixing collar
4 — Pressure head lines


  1. In the conditions of specialized HUNDRED make the К/В system discharge.
  2. Disconnect from a receiver dehumidifier (1) and take aside pressure head lines (4), - prepare replaceable sealing rings.
  3. Release a fixing collar (3) and, having pulled up, release from it a receiver dehumidifier.

Replacement of a receiver dehumidifier has to be made every time when opening a refrigerator path!

  1. Installation is made upside-down.
  2. In conclusion make sure of serviceability of functioning of the K/V system and of lack of signs of development of leaks from its path.