2.5.9. Electronic antistrange system (ESP)

At the included blocking of any of ESP differentials automatically it is disconnected!

The greatest efficiency functioning of antistrange system is reached only on condition of installation on the car of wheels of the standard sizes stipulated in Specifications!

The ESP system increases stability of the car during the movement and at the same time provides automatic control of traction effort of the power unit in all operating modes.

At the expense of the operated snubbing of wheels counteraction to a drift is created and controllability of the car increases.

In case of need the antistrange system can be forcibly disconnected by means of the corresponding console switch on the dashboard (see the Section Governing bodies and the equipment of salon). At the disconnected ESP system the precautionary control lamp of ETS/ESP which is built in assembly of a speedometer is activated (see the Section Combination of Devices, measuring instruments, control lamps and light indicators). Repeated activation of system is made by means of the same switch.

In case of refusal systems of anti-blocking of brakes (ABS) it is disconnected as well the traction control system.