13.7.8. Removal and installation of the interface of the mobile phone

Details of installation of the interface of the mobile phone

1 — the Basic arm
2 — the electrical wiring Socket
3 — the Socket for connection of a fiber-optical cable

A34/4 — the CTEL Interface
N15/3 — TCM/ETC

The stated material belongs to the models equipped with mobile telephone communication on the basis of the devices Nokia 6210 and 3110 (codes of a complete set of ET7, EV7, EH1 and EV8).


  1. Turn on the auxiliary accumulator and connect it to the regular battery, then disconnect from the last a negative wire.

    7 — the Auxiliary accumulator
    8 — the Plug of a positive wire of the module
    9 — the Plug of a negative wire of the module
    W10 — Grounding of the battery

  1. Remove assembly of the central console (see the Head Kuzov).
  2. Without disconnecting an electrical wiring, separate from a basic arm (1) the module of management of AT (N15/13) (see the Head Automatic transmission).
  3. Remove a basic arm (1).
  4. Disunite on the module of the CTEL (A34/4) interface the socket of connection of a fiber-optical cable, - at once to a zakuporta wave guides special lightproof caps.
  5. Disunite the socket of an electrical wiring (2).
  6. Remove the interface module (A34/4).
  7. Installation is made upside-down.
  8. In conclusion make reading of the DTC codes and cleaning of memory of system of onboard self-diagnostics by means of the STAR DIAGNOSIS scanner (6511 1801 00) (see the Head Sistemy of electric equipment of the engine).