13.7.4. Removal and installation of antenna knots

The antenna of the cell phone (EV5 complete set code) installed on a roof

Details of installation of the stationary antenna of the cell phone (EV5 complete set code)

1 — the Socket
2 — the Clamp
3 — the Protective cover

A2/22 — the Antenna
N70 — the Panel of the ceiling console


  1. Turn on the auxiliary accumulator and connect it to the regular battery, then disconnect from the last a negative wire.

    7 — the Auxiliary accumulator
    8 — the Plug of a positive wire of the module
    9 — the Plug of a negative wire of the module
    W10 — Grounding of the battery
  1. Remove the panel of the ceiling console (N70) (see the Section Removal and installation of the panel of the ceiling console).
  2. Disunite the socket (1) electrical wiring of the top telephone antenna (A2/22).
  3. Dismantle a clamp (2).
  4. Remove a protective cover (3), then by means of a special stripper (210 589 04 33 00) release and remove antenna knot (A2/22).
  5. Installation is made upside-down, - the special mandrel is applied to landing of a protective cover (3) (210 589 05 33 00).
  6. In conclusion make reading of the DTC codes and cleaning of memory of system of onboard self-diagnostics by means of the STAR DIAGNOSIS scanner (6511 1801 00) (see the Head Sistemy of electric equipment of the engine).

External antenna of the radio receiver / cell phone (Cabriolet model)

Details of installation of external antenna knot on the Cabriolet of the Corresponding Complete Set models (EF1 ÷ EF4 and EF7 codes)

1 — the Antenna cable
2 — the Screw
3 — the Nut

4 — the Holder
A28 — Antenna knot

The antenna knot considered here is used on the Cabriolet models equipped with Audio 10/30 RDS audio systems and the Handsfree system for portable Nokia 6210 phones (codes of a complete set EF1 ÷ EF4 and EF7).


  1. Turn out antenna knot (A28).
  2. Remove a loker of protection of an arch of the right forward wheel.
  3. Turn out a steering wheel against the stop to the right.
  4. Having used a wrench, through a wheel arch disconnect an antenna cable (1) from the screw (2).
  5. Законтрив from below a nut (3), turn out the screw (2).
  6. Remove the holder (4) and a nut (3).
  7. Installation is made upside-down.

Forward antenna of system of global positioning (GPS)

Details of installation of the antenna of system of navigation of GPS

1 — the Forward lattice
2 — a block headlight Cover
3 — the Fixing nut

A2/23x1 — the GPS Socket
A2/23 — the GPS Antenna


  1. Remove a forward lattice (1) and a facing cover (2) of the left block headlight (see the Head Kuzov).
  2. Disunite the socket (A2/23x1).
  3. Release a fixing nut (3) and remove antenna knot (A2/23).
  4. Installation is made upside-down.