13.5.2. Removal and installation of the back combined lamps

Details of installation of the back combined lamp

3 — the Casing
4 — the Electrical wiring
5 — the Lamp holder

E3 — the Left lamp
E4 — the Right lamp
Shooters — Fixing screws


  1. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.
  2. Separate a lens of lantern assembly (E3 or E4). Estimate a condition of sealing laying, in case of need prepare replacement.
  3. Mark and disconnect an electrical wiring (4).
  4. Remove a lamp holder (5).
  5. Turn out fixing screws (shooters) and remove a casing of lantern assembly (3).
  6. Installation is made upside-down.
  7. In conclusion make reading of the DTC codes and cleaning of memory of system of onboard self-diagnostics by means of the STAR DIAGNOSIS scanner (6511 1801 00) (see the Head Sistemy of electric equipment of the engine).