12.2.33. Removal, installation and adjustment of a vetrootboynik of the top hatch

Details of installation of a vetrootboynik of the top hatch

1 — the Screw of fastening of the chromeplated cross-piece
2 — the Chromeplated cross-piece
5 — Clamping levels

6 — Vetrootboynik
7, 8, 9 — Basic knots
Arrow — the Adjusting screw


  1. Open the hatch.
  2. Turn out fixing screws (1) and remove the chromeplated cross-piece (2).
  3. Remove clamping levels (5) from basic knots (9) and delay them back, releasing edges of a vetrootboynik (6).
  4. Release a chipper (6) from the central support (7), having accurately hooked the screw-driver at the left and on the right, remove it from spindles assembled with support (8).
  5. Installation is made upside-down.
  6. Make sure of serviceability of functioning of a vetrootboynik, - if he when retracting hits against a cover the hatch, correct landing of an element through adjusting Vit (shooter).
  7. If functioning of a vetrootboynik (6) is followed by the jingling sound, it is necessary to release it from the central support (7), pressing at the same time around an arrangement of side support (8), to turn in and latch slightly into place.
  8. In conclusion make sure of serviceability of functioning of a vetrootboynik during a test trip with a speed not less than 100 km/h. In case of need repeat the procedure of adjustment.