12.2.3. Removal and installation of a cowl

Transfer of a cowl to vertical position

Transfer of a cowl to vertical position

1 — the latch otpuskaniye Lever
2 — the Safety hook

3 — the Holder
4 — the Gas-filled emphasis


  1. Having pulled for the lever (1) under the dashboard at the left, release a cowl lock latch, - the cowl will be slightly opened at length of a lock hook (2).
  2. Bypass the car in front, slightly raise a cowl and, having released a lock hook (2), completely lift a cover.

Previously make sure that brushes of screen wipers are pressed to a windshield!

  1. The screw-driver having wrung out the holder (3), separate a gas-filled emphasis (4) cowls from a spherical head, then cast away a cowl against the stop back, previously having enclosed under it something soft.

Removal and installation

Details of installation of a cowl (1 of 2)

1 — the Holder
2 — the Telescopic damper
3 — electrical wiring Sockets
4 — Nozzles of supply of liquid of washing of glasses

5 — Nipple sockets
6 — the Hose
7 — an electrical wiring Plait
8 — plugs Through passage

Details of installation of a cowl (2 of 2)

9 — Intermediate clamps
10 — the grounding Tire

11 — Fixing screws

Places of greasing of components of the lock of a cowl


  1. Disconnect an electrical wiring (3) from snuffled (4) supply of liquid of washing of a windshield.
  2. Remove with snuffled (4) nipple sockets (5).
  3. Remove a hose (6) and a plait of an electrical wiring (7) and release their plugs (8) through passage from a cowl. Also remove intermediate clamps (9). Estimate a condition of plugs and clamps, in case of need prepare replaceable components.
  4. Disconnect the tire of grounding (10).
  5. Having asked the assistant to hold a cowl, turn out fixing screws (11).
  6. Installation is made upside-down. Do not forget to grease loops and castle assembly.
  7. Make sure that the gap of landing of a cowl in a body aperture is identical on all perimeter, in case of need remove a forward lattice (see the Section Removal and installation of a forward lattice) and correct the provision of a latch so that its operation happened to insignificant resistance.
  8. Check serviceability of functioning of windscreen washers.