12.2.2. Removal of the drive of forward screen wipers

Details of installation of the drive of forward screen wipers

1 — Nuts
2 — the Boot
3 — the Washer
4 — the Sealing washer

5 — the Crank
6 — Draft
7 — Spindles


  1. Take a key from the ignition lock.
  2. Remove the dashboard (see the Section Removal and installation of the dashboard).
  3. Mark adjusting position of draft (6), then hook it and separate from a crank (5).
  4. Remove levers of both screen wipers (see the Section Removal installation of levers of screen wipers).
  5. Give nuts (1) of spindles (7).
  6. Remove flat (3) and sealing (4) washers, - sealing washers are subject to replacement without fail.
  7. Release spindles (7) from bearings and remove assembly of the drive of screen wipers.
  8. Installation is made upside-down. In conclusion make sure of serviceability of functioning of screen wipers.