11.5.2. Adjustment of convergence of forward wheels

Check of geometrical parameters of a suspension bracket has to be made at the special stand in the conditions of a workshop of car service.

Check and adjustment of convergence of forward wheels

1 — the Tag on a steering shaft
2 — the Tag on a casing of the steering mechanism
3 — Cross steering draft

4 — Coupling collars
5 — Connecting draft
6 — Lock-nuts


  1. Make sure of performance of all necessary conditions (see the Section the Angles of installation of wheels of the car - the general information).
  2. Make sure that the steering wheel and the steering mechanism are in the central situation, - the long tag (1) on a steering shaft has to be combined with a tag (2) on a casing of the steering mechanism. In case of need adjust the provision of a steering wheel, having displaced it no more than on one tooth.
  3. Record a steering wheel in the central situation and install the lock, having in case of need enclosed under it protective laying.
  4. Release lock-nuts (6) on cross draft (3) and coupling collars (4) on connecting draft (5).
  5. Adjustment of size of convergence is made by rotation of the adjusting segment of connecting draft (5) located between coupling collars and, - in case of need, - a tip of cross draft (3) which should be released previously from a steering bipod by means of a suitable stripper.
  6. Having achieved the required result, tighten lock-nuts (6) and collars (4).