11.5.1. The angles of installation of wheels of the car - the general information

The angles of installation of wheels considerably influence stability of the car, wear of tires and fuel consumption. Nominal rates of corners are specified in Specifications.

Disorder is called the wheel plane tilt angle concerning a vertical. If wheels are inclined by the upper edges outside, disorder is called positive and vice versa. The size of disorder is measured in degrees. Correctness of adjustment of disorder determines the size and the provision of a spot of contact of protectors with a paving and allows to compensate the changes in suspension bracket geometry happening during commission of turns and at the movement of the car on an uneven paving.

Convergence (convergence) is called data size to each other of forward edges of wheels of the car. Such violation of parallelism of installation of wheels allows to minimize wear of a protector due to prevention of a skid at commission of turns. At zero convergence the distance between forward edges of wheels is equal to distance between their rear edges. Normal convergence usually does not exceed inch shares (1 inch = 2.54 cm). Violation of adjustment of convergence leads to acceleration of wear of protectors of tires due to slipping them on a paving.

Vybegom is called a corner of a longitudinal inclination шкворня / axes of turn of a wheel, i.e., a corner of a deviation of this axis from a vertical in the rim plane. If the axis the turn/pivot axle is inclined back, выбег is called positive and vice versa.

By analogy, a corner of a cross inclination of an axis of turn of a wheel call a corner of the deviation imagined шкворня from a vertical in the plane, the perpendicular plane of symmetry of the car.

The size of limit angles of rotation of forward wheels of the car has to be reduced at increase in the size of the last. Distance from edge of the tire of the wheel turned against the stop to the longitudinal lever of a suspension bracket has to make about 2 cm, otherwise it is necessary the corresponding adjustment (see the Section Check and adjustment of limit angles of rotation of forward wheels).

The general check of geometry of a suspension bracket is made at the special stand in the conditions of a specialized workshop.

Conditions of check of angles of installation of wheels

Check of angles of installation of the car demands existence of specially equipped platform. Before check it is necessary to make sure of performance of the following conditions: