11.4.7. Removal and installation of the contact cable reel of a steering wheel

Details of installation of the contact cable reel on release models for 30.06.02.

32h — Fixing bolts
A54 — the Cable reel

B24/8 — the Sensor of an angle of rotation of a steering wheel

Details of installation of the contact cable reel on release models since 01.07.02.

1 — Contact plugs
32h — Fixing bolts

A54 — the Contact drum


  1. Develop a steering wheel in rectilinear situation.
  2. On models of the corresponding complete set (ET2 code) activate the service mode of system of an emergency call of TELE AID (see the Section Activation/deactivation of the Service Mode of System of an Emergency Call of TELE AID).
  1. Turn on the auxiliary accumulator and connect it to the regular battery, then disconnect from the last a negative wire.

    7 — the Auxiliary accumulator
    8 — the Plug of a positive wire of the module
    9 — the Plug of a negative wire of the module
    W10 — Grounding of the battery

  1. Remove a steering wheel (see the Section Removal and installation of a steering wheel).
  2. Turn out fixing bolts (32h) so that the possibility of removal of the contact cable reel (A45) appeared, - bolts also carry out a role of the guides providing unambiguity of interface of components at assembly.
  3. Accurately remove a drum (A45) from a casing of a steering column.
  4. Examine the removed drum on existence of mechanical defects, in case of need prepare replaceable assembly.
  5. Installation is made upside-down, - track completeness and correctness of landing of a drum, on release models from 01.07.02 try not to damage contact plugs (1).
  1. Before installation of a steering wheel make centering of the cable reel (A45) for what, having completely screwed fixing screws (32h), deploy a drum counterclockwise before emergence of notable resistance, then return back it on 3-3.5 turns so that bolts (32h) could be turned again off through specially provided apertures.

The cable reel can be scrolled as much as possible on 6-7 turns.

  1. At the corresponding complete set deactivate the service mode of the TELE AID system.
  2. In conclusion make cleaning of the processor memory of system of onboard self-diagnostics (see the Head Sistemy of electric equipment of the engine).