11.4.4. Adjustment of a steering shaft

Adjustment of a steering shaft

1 — the Prutkovy key (Allen)
2 — the Lock-nut

3 — the Adjusting screw


  1. Vypressuyte cross draft from a steering bipod (see the Section Removal and installation of the steering mechanism).
  2. Release a lock-nut (2) on the helmsman to a shaft.
  3. Turn the adjusting screw (2) shaft approximately on 1/8 turns clockwise.
  4. Several times turn a steering wheel from an emphasis against the stop.
  5. By means of a dynamometer key estimate resistance of a steering shaft to rotation, - the maximum resistance has to arise in rectilinear situation. If resistance to rotation is not enough (see Specifications), arm with a prutkovy key (1) and sprain the adjusting screw (3) counterclockwise, otherwise the screw should be turned clockwise.
  6. Having achieved the required result, fix the screw (3) and tighten a lock-nut (2).
  7. Connect thirst for a bipod.