11.4.3. Check and adjustment of the hydraulic limiter

Check and adjustment of the hydraulic limiter of steering

1 — the Valve limiter (shooter)
2 — the Six-sided bolt
3 — the Lock insert

4 — the Cover
5 — the Steering wheel


  1. Car front also establish to Poddomkratta it on props.
  2. Turn out a six-sided bolt (2) and take it together with a lock insert (3).
  3. Screw the valve limiter (shooter) in a case of the steering mechanism against the stop, then release on 2-2.5 turns.

Only one valve limiter (1) working in both directions of rotation of a steering wheel is provided. Respectively, the chosen installation of the valve will work also in both directions of rotation.

Do not release the valve limiter more than on 2.5 turns at the working engine.

  1. Remove from a steering wheel the safety cushion module (see the Head Onboard electric equipment).
  2. Having allowed the engine to rotate with a frequency of 800 rpm, develop a steering wheel against the stop to the left.
  3. Put a face key on a bolt/nut of a steering shaft, delay it against the stop in a steering stopper with effort about 25 Nanometers and record in this situation.
  4. Slowly roll the reducing valve in a case of the steering mechanism before emergence of resistance in 20 Nanometers providing installation of the required parameters.
  5. Screw a lock insert (3) and a six-sided bolt (2).

If it is not possible to put an insert on a six-sided head of the reducing valve after adjustment of the last, correct position of the valve, having brought up him on the required corner clockwise.

  1. Install into place the module of a driver's safety cushion.