11.3.4. Removal and installation of springs of a forward suspension bracket

Replacement of springs of a suspension bracket has to be made in pairs for each axis!


  1. At the corresponding complete set disconnect draft of the regulator of brake pressure from a case of the back bridge (see сопр. an illustration - models without EBV).
  1. Disconnect a diagonal bar of a suspension bracket from a frame.
  1. Disconnect the ventilating line.
  1. Prop up forward wheels antiretractable boots, a poddomkratta the back bridge, then get props under arms of longitudinal levers of a suspension bracket.
  1. Release nuts and take bolts of the lower support of shock-absorbers (see the Section Removal, check and installation of back shock-absorbers).
  1. Lower the bridge and remove screw springs of a suspension bracket, - try not to jam brake lines when lowering the bridge.
  1. In case of need remove rubber buffers.

  1. Installation is made upside-down, - track that end faces of bars of springs rested against special ledges of the lower plates.

Replaceable springs have to have the same color marking, as original.