11.2.6. Removal and installation of longitudinal levers of a suspension bracket

Details of installation of the longitudinal lever of a forward suspension bracket

1 — the Longitudinal lever
2 — the Frame
3 — the Bridge
4 — the Stabilizer of cross stability

5 — Connecting draft of the steering drive
6 — Koronchataya a nut

The scheme of fastening of a steering damper to connecting draft

7 — the Nut


  1. Release a nut (7) of fastening of a steering damper to connecting draft.
  2. Otboltite the longitudinal lever (1) from the bridge (3).
  3. Otboltite from the lever (1) to a shtag of the stabilizer of cross stability (4) (see the Section Removal and installation of the forward stabilizer of cross stability).
  4. Take the forelock and release a koronchaty nut (6) of fastening of connecting steering thirst (5) for the rotary lever.
  5. Vypressuyte draft (5) from the rotary lever.
  6. Remove the longitudinal lever (1).
  7. Installation is made upside-down.