11.2.4. Removal and installation of springs of a forward suspension bracket

Replacement of springs of a suspension bracket has to be made in pairs for each axis!


  1. Separate the driveshaft from a connecting flange of the leading gear wheel of the main transfer and tie up it to a frame.
  1. Develop forward wheels to the left against the stop and disconnect a diagonal bar from a frame.
  1. Disconnect the ventilating line.
  1. Disconnect the hydraulic line and an electrical wiring of the sensor of wear of blocks from the brake mechanism

  1. Cock the parking brake, a poddomkratta the forward bridge, then get props under arms of longitudinal levers.

  1. Release from the lower support the telescopic shock-absorber (see the Section Removal, check and installation of forward shock-absorbers).

  1. Lower the forward bridge and remove screw springs.

Need for full squeezing of a spherical tip of cross steering draft is absent.

  1. In case of need remove rubber buffer inserts.

  1. Installation is made upside-down, - track that end faces of bars of springs got to persistent deepenings in the lower plates.

Replaceable springs have to have the same color marking, as original.