11.2.3. Removal, check and installation of forward shock-absorbers

Location of the top support of the right forward shock-absorber

Location of the top support of the left forward shock-absorber

Design of the lower support of the shock-absorber


  1. Release a nut (arrows) and take a bolt of the top support of the shock-absorber.
  2. Under the car release a nut (1), then remove a plate (2) with the rubber plug (3) and release the shock-absorber from the lower basic arm (4).
  3. Remove from the shock-absorber holders (5 and 6), the rubber bearing (7) and the remote plug (8).
  4. Estimate a condition of rubber components, replace the failed elements.
  5. Examine the shock-absorber on existence of traces of leaks through cuffs of a working rod, in case of need prepare replaceable assemblies.
  6. Installation is made upside-down. Track that fixture was tightened with the required effort.